Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof

Assalam wa Alaykum/ Hi,

I have another product review. As you can obviously tell it's on the Lancome Hypnose Drama in the waterproof version. There is a lot of hype surrounding this mascara. I wanted to try it but the price kept me circling it for many months. This mascara costs $27. I researched it for a while and decided to buy it about a month ago. So while I was researching it, I came across a few unsatisfied reviews. Many people said that it can be really clump-prone.

I have found that to be true. The stopper allows too much product to get on the brush so it can make your eyelashes clumpy. I rectified this problem by taking off some of the product and putting it on the edge of the opening, so that it when I put the brush back in the bottle the excess product would go back in as well. Usually I would also have to use a comb to separate my lashes.  It usually looks fine after that.

The mascara give good volume, which may be the reason why it tends to clump. I don't normally buy waterproof mascara because at night I don't want to fight with my makeup to get it off. But, many people preferred the waterproof version to the normal one. So, I decided to give it a try.

This is what the mascara tube looks like on the other side it says Lancome. It looks very sophisticated and high-end. I'm always one to fall for nice packaging.

The two pictures above are of the wand itself. It has an S shape to it. I'm sorry about that orange tinge to the photo. The camera was having a hard time focusing and I tried to enhance the picture. I wanted to be able to show the bristles and I guess you can sort of see them. They aren't really long and at the tip product tends to collect there. In these photo I did not remove any product of the brush. I believe I got the mascara in the darkest black that was available from Sephora. My eyelashes are fairly long so I don't really look for lengthening mascaras. They also curl naturally and that causes a problem with lengthening mascaras. Lengthening mascaras, especially fiber mascaras, don't follow the natural curl of my eyelashes. They will go straight up instead of curving and that causes them to look weird.

 The pictures above are what my natural eyelashes look like bare. I'm not sure if you can tell but my lashes don't only cure up but backwards towards my eyelid.


In the three photos above I'm only wearing the mascara. One thing that is beginning to get annoying is that with this mascara whenever I apply I get it on my eyelid. I do that with almost every mascara that I use. But, it happens with this one more than usual. Then, I have to run to find a q-tip or a small piece of tissue to take it off before it dries because once it does it isn't going anywhere. Sometimes, I don't all of it off. The staying power of this mascara is really good! It usually stays on until I take it off which is usually when I'm getting ready for bed around 11 or 12. I usually use a Neutrogena makeup remover wipe and it comes off.

I figured that I should apply more product instead of my usual one coat after i take all of the excess off the wand.

The pictures above are still after only one coat but I took less product off the wand. I was going to apply more than one coat but it started to clump so I quickly combed through my lashes. The pictures above are after I combed through my lashes. In the second picture you can see that the mascara got on my eyelid.
The main question: Will I repurchase this product?
Eh, I don't think so. I'm currently in love with another mascara. However, I am starting to like this mascara more than when I first tried it. I just have to be sure to comb out my lashes properly. But, I prefer a mascara that doesn't require me to comb out my lashes as much. I will do a review on this mascara soon.
Until Next Time
Aleema :)