Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Review: Morphe 35O Eyeshadow palette

Assalam wa Alaykum/ Hi,

Today's blog post is going to be about the popular 35O palette from Morphe. This palette has been in and out of stock twice. I managed to snag it because Ricky's NYC opened a new location in Soho and started carrying the palette in store when it was released the second time. I have heard that it is going to come back in stock in the next couple weeks if not sooner. This palette retails for $22.

This palette comes in the same packaging that all the other Morphe palettes come in. It does leave a lot to be desired, but fancy packaging would probably raise the price. It has a small sticker on the back that says 35O.  

Just looking at this palette, you can tell why it is so popular. The colors are very warm and pigmented. There are even some shades that feel like more of a cream than a powder.

Some colors may look similar especially the browns but when you take a closer look you notice that the finishes are different. The shimmers are my favorite, especially the ones in the last two pictures of swatches. While I was swatching these shadows, I noticed that if you rub them against something the pigmentation disappears. However, when are you rubbing your eyes against anything while you're wearing makeup?

This palette is perfect for everyone at any level of makeup. It has basic essential colors as well as some eye-catching colors. It's definitely worth getting! So keep a look out for it on Morphe's website as well on instagram. They might announce when it comes back in stock.

So, That's it.

Do you currently have this palette? Will you be getting it?

Until Next Time,

Aleema :)