Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Colourpop Spring Collection Swatches!

Assalamu wa alaykum/Hi,

Today's post is going to be swatches of some of the colors from Colourpop's new limited edition pastel spring collection. If you aren't familiar with Colourpop. It is a cosmetics brand that has become well known on Instagram and YouTube. They're based in LA and they don't test on animals. Majority of their products are $5 with the exception of their blushes which are $8. I have a handful of tutorials, hauls, and reviews featuring Colourpop products. My last video was a review of their blushes. All of those videos are in the video player on the left side of the page.

So, this collection was comprised of 12 eyeshadows, 5 lippie six, and 5 lippie pencils. This blog post will include swatches of 7 of the limited edition eyeshadows and 3 of the limited edition lippie stix, and lippie pencil. Also, I will include some permanent products that I picked up in the same order. I will denote which items are limited edition and which aren't.

The eyeshadows:

These are the first four from lightest to darkest. The one I was most excited for was 'Hello.' However as you'll see from the swatches in the next photo, it isn't that pigmented. At the same time, these are pastel eyeshadows. The same thing happens with 'Flux.' It's a nice mint eyeshadow. 'Beauty Call' is a bright blue. I used it as a base in an upcoming makeup tutorial. 'Taco' is a deep sea blue. The consistency of these eyeshadows are different from the shadows in the permanent collection. These kind of remind me of play-doh.

As you can see the pigmentation of the first three shadows aren't the best. I think I'll use 'Hello' and 'Flux' as highlight colors. 'Beauty Call' would need a white base if you plan on using it as a shadow with nothing over it. 'Taco' is pigmented enough to be worn alone. However, it would probably look better with a white base.

These are the last set of eyeshadows that I bought. 'Snap Dragon' the color of grass that's used in spring displays. 'Daddy' is a violet purple. 'Shop' is a coral eyeshadow that comes off as a red in pictures for some reason. I recently did a makeup tutorial with this look a couple weeks ago. 'Acorn' has quickly become my favorite eyeshadow. It's a beige-champagne color. I feel like I could use it as a highlighter. Although 'Acorn' is apart of the spring collection, it has the consistency of the shadows in the permanent collection. The last eyeshadow that I bought is 'Mooning' 'Mooning' is a dark brown with copper glitter in it. It's apart of the permanent collection. I saw a tutorial with it and I fell in love. The consistency is so smooth. This shadow and 'Acorn' are both pearlized finishes.

The Lippies:

The lippie stix that I bought are Tootsi, Pepper, Frida, Lumber, and Julep. I also bought the lippie pencil for Tootsi. I think I might be the only one that's not a fan of the lippie stix.  I don't care for their consistency. They tend to drag on my lips. Even 'Julep,' a cream finish, gives me a hard time. I also feel like they're the kind of product that has to blended with my fingers.

'Tootsi' is part of the spring collection. There was a lot of hype surrounding this color. So, I picked up the lippie pencil for it as well. It's a matte finish. 'Pepper' is probably my least favorite out of all of the ones that I bought. It's part of the spring collection as well. I find that this color looks so unflattering on me alone. I definitely have to use a lip liner with it. It's a matte finish. 'Frida' is the creation of Coffeebreakwithdani on Youtube with Colourpop. This color looks very peachy on my skin tone. It's a satin finish. 'Lumiere' is the product of a collab between Kathleen Lights on Youtube and Colourpop. It's probably my favorite because it causes the least amount of drama when I apply it. It's a matte finish. The last color that I bought was 'Julep.' 'Julep' is like a dark coral color. The formula of it really made me not like it. Although it's a cream, it wasn't creamy on my lips.


The last thing I bought was Blush in the shade 'Swift.' I bought this to use as a bronzer.

'Swift' has a reddish brown and looks kind of orangey when it's blended out.

So, that's all the thing I bought from Colourpop recently. I do have a whole batch of eyeshadows and blushes I bought previously. I'm trying to hold off on getting the new highlighters that just came out because I've bought too much from them already.
Are you fan of Colourpop? If so, what are favorite products?

Until Next Time,
Aleema :)

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