Thursday, April 16, 2015

My IMATS NYC 2015 Experience!

Assalamu wa Alaykum/Hi,

So IMATS was last weekend and I managed to attend on Saturday. Getting home and back to school was an ordeal but I think it was worth it. I wanted to arrive at 8 since the doors opened at 9, but I didn't get there until 9:09 and the line was really long. However, it didn't move slow at all. I do appreciate their efforts in directing the people in line to different registers (?) to be registered and get their wrist band.

I was supposed to go to Anastasia Beverly Hills' booth first because earlier that day I ran out of my brow wiz. But, when I got there I was told that line was closed for 10 minutes. I went back twice after that and was told that the line was closed for 20 minutes. So, I ended up not getting my brow wiz. So, I left and went to INGLOT where I made my first purchase. I've been after their gel liners for so long and I have heard such great things about their duraline that I bought the gel line in black and white and the duraline.

I was going to get brushes from Morphe Brushes but their line was too long. It was ridiculous. It was because they had the Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette. So, I went to the Bdellium tools booth and asked if there was a line. One of the women working booth told me no and I was kind of surprised. I took advantage of it I bought 4 brushes for me and two for my mother.

Then I went to Dose of Colors and saw that their line was longer than when I first walked buy it so I got on it. I was nervous that the new Terra Collection would be out of stock. However, it wasn't. Berry Me 2 was though. I was kind of bummed about that because I wanted that color.

Next I went to Alcone  and I bought the Cinema Secret brush cleaner, pack of beauty blenders, and a Skindinavia setting spray for my mother. Then I went to Ricky's and picked up some LA Girl products.  I was hoping that they would have some Dose of Colors products but they didn't. I was swatching Makeup For Ever's eyeshadows when I was told that they were 50% off. That brought them down to $10.50 each so I bought three. Then I went to NYX to buy a brow pencil and I picked up an Intense butter gloss. Lastly, I went to City Colors when I was just about broke and picked up a blush and brow powder duo for $3 each.

There was a makeup museum there and it showed costume makeup:

It was kind of gross.

So, my IMATS was a success. I enjoyed my time even though I went alone. Next time I'll definitely bring a friend. I managed to meet and take pictures with a few people.  I met Anna, the founder of Dose of Colors:

Then I met Mac Daddy:

Then I met Rosita Applebum as I was leaving because my feet were killing me:

Patrick Starr, Mannymua, and viva_glam_kay were outside taking pictures the same time that I saw Rosita, but they're line was so long.They were outside because IMATS kicked them out as well as some other big Youtubers. I felt that sort of took away from the experience because I was excited to meet these people. But that was the only negative thing about my IMATS experience. I definitely plan on going next year! Check out my IMATS haul on my youtube channel!

So, That's it!
Until Next Time,

Aleema :)

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