Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Liquid Lipstick & Waterproof creme color

Assalamu wa Alaykum/ Hi,

Today's post is going to be on the two products I picked from Anastasia Beverly Hills' summer collection. I know that she is coming out with some more liquid lipstick colors in July and I plan to pick one of those up too.

The two products I have are the liquid lipstick in Craft and the water color in Ice Blue. The lipstick is $20 and the waterproof creme color is $18

Craft is a pinkish berry color. 

This was my first time trying the ABH liquid lipsticks and I have to disagree with some of the negative reviews that they've received.
  • It does wear off if you eat greasy food. I had a hamburger and fries when I wore this lipstick and it only wore off in the middle of my lips. However, everywhere else it was fine.
  • It reapplies well. I reapplied the lipstick, after I ate, to the middle of my lips and it blended in with the lipstick from the first application well.
  • It doesn't bleed outside the lip line. Since this dries matte, it stayed within my lip line.
  • You can feel it on your lips. Especially on the inside of your lips where the lipstick ends, that line is noticeably dryer. However, it's not restricting.
  • It didn't go into the lines of my lips. However, I know some people said that it was the light colors that settled into the lines of the lips. 
I picked up one of the waterproof creme colors in the shade Ice Blue. Ice Blue is light bright blue. It reminds me of a sky blue.

  • It's more moisturizing than I thought it would be. It's not exactly creamy but it wasn't dry like I expected it to be. 
  • It dries relatively quickly. So, you have to be fast with it. You can't apply it to both eyes then blend it out.
  • You can use it as a base or a as an eyeliner. Some people have used the pink/reddish colors as lipstick. I used it as an eyeliner in the picture below.

So, I really like the two items that I picked up and I plan to pick up more things from this brand.

So, That's It.
Have you tried anything from the summer collection? What did you like?

Aleema :)

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