Tuesday, October 13, 2015

First Impressions: Lorac Mega Pro 2 Palette w/ Swatches!

Assalamu wa Alaykum/ Hi,

So, for today's post I'll be doing a first impressions on the Lorac Mega Pro palette. I've recently purchased this palette and wanted to share right away! I decided to do a first impression post instead of a YouTube video because this way it will be easier for me to do another update blog post as opposed to two videos.

I bought this palette for $59 off of Ulta's website. It was my first online Ulta order! It's an Ulta exclusive.

This palette is the sequel to the infamous Lorac Mega Pro palette. That palette sold out within hours of being released. Many people (myself included) were upset that they couldn't get their hands on it.

It seemed like Lorac was more prepared and properly stocked this palette. It is still in stock so if you want it be sure to get your hands on it.

It includes 32 eyeshadows. By the size of the box you would either think that the palette was huge or it came with at least an eyeshadow primer.  The palette is made out of cardboard with a velvety material over it. It reminds me of the NARS packaging in that sense. It's very sturdy and substantial despite the fact that it is made out of cardboard.

The palette is divided into mattes and shimmers. The top two rows are matte and the bottom two are shimmer. From first glance Tangerine, Saddle, and Forest get my attention and I really want to do a smoky eye with them.

These shadows swatch beautifully but are easy to wipe off with a tissue. There is a lot of kick up that comes from the shadows when you dip your brush into them. This can cause a lot of mess in the palette.

The shadows are very pigmented and blend well together. However, be sure not to pick up too much on your brush. Otherwise you'll spend a long time blending.

Bottom Line: My first impression of this palette is that it includes a nice variety of shades. The pigmentation and quality of the shadows make me very excited to use this palette.

I'll post an update blog post in two weeks. So, keep a look out!

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Aleema :)