Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Outfit of the Day#6

Assalam Walaikum/Hi,

So, this is what I wore on Sunday:

I went out to eat at a buffet with my family so I'm a little bit more dressed up than usual. I wore a green dress. It wasn't as long as my blue dress so I wore blue flare-style jeans. I was going to wear my cardigan alone over it, but if my hijab happened to move then you would see my back since the back of the cardigan is lace. So, I wore a black short sleeved shirt underneath the dress and put the cardigan over it. You've seen the hijab already from outfit of the day#3. For accessories I wore a necklace with a heart- shaped multi-colored pendant and crystal-like purple earrings. So, thats it.

Until Next Time :)