Sunday, April 24, 2011

Outfit of the Day#7/ A Day in Times Square

Assalam Walaikum/ Hi,

For this post I'm not only doing an outfit of the day I'm also posting pictures about the my day in Times Square on Friday. Okay, the outfit I wore on Friday was this:

So, what I wore was a one-shoulder striped blue and grey shirt with a grey long sleeved inner shirt. I wore a pair of blue flared jeans with some ankle boots. I wore a blue pashmina hijab that had multi-colored string going through it. A black and white lace underscarf and a braided double headband (I'm not sure if thats what they're called.) For accessories I'm wearing a necklace that blue circle-things (poor vocabulary today!) with matching earrings.
So, now for my day. A couple of friends and I went to Time Square to eat and walk around and I thought that I'd share that.

In these pictures with me is my friend Sabreen :). I said I would put her in my blog although these pictures of myself make me want to cringe. In the top picture we are at TGI Fridays and in the bottom one we are at M&M World.

More pictures at M&M World. Yeah, I didn't think to take a picture of the M&M statue of liberty from the front..oops.
This machine here is supposed to tell you your color mood. You step on the rubber mat under and it begins to "process". While your standing under it there is a camera pointed directly at you. So, everyone in the store can see your face as you wait for the results...lovely. My results were...(cue drumroll)..

I like my results. :) Also, sorry if the picture is a little tilted Sabreen decided to hit my arm while I was taking the picture..(If your reading this Sabreen..see what you did?! jk lol)

These are just some random picture of Time Square :). I love NY. Oh, the last picture is where we went next. I just realized that! It is the Hershey's store.

Although I'm not a big fan of chocolate, this store was awesome. I don't know if the pictures give you a correct portrayal (theres my vocab!) of the size of that Reeses' piece. Its huge and I hate peanut butter! I've never seen caramel syrup before..but that could just be me I don't like caramel either. They did have things I like. Like huge cookies n' creme bars but I didn't get to take a picture :(. I mean those things were bigger than the king sized ones! I think I drooled a little when I saw them lol. And I didn't have money to buy any :(. Never go to Times Square without money. You'll be sorry!
So, thats it.
Until Next Time  :)