Monday, September 19, 2011

Outfit of the Day# 9

Assalam Walaikum/ Hi,

It's another outfit of the day blog, obviously. The only thing is that I wore this Outfit months ago at a party my friend Sabreen was having. I decided to put it up now while procrastinating on my Spanish hw. I know I'll do it as soon as I post this. I just needed a break.

So, I'm wearing a halter shirt that is the colors green, white, blue and brown and it has sequence on the top in the front. Also, I'm wearing a white inner shirt and blue flare jeans. I forgot what shoes I wore that day. In the bottom picture you see the henna my other friend did on me.
On a side note I was considering making youtube videos but I don't know what to make them of. I'm driving Sabreen crazy asking her to send me random questions so I could dedicate a video to her. Any suggestion are welcome.
Until Next Time :)