Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went To College

Assalam wa Alaykum/ Hi,
It's about that time of year again. Classes are going to be starting soon. I start next week. I can't believe I'm a sophmore. Three more years to go! Anyway, I saw some youtube videos on this subject and decided to do my own. This post will be about college related advice.
1) Get a Tutor
You may not think that you need one, but having is definitely helpful. I didn't listen to my dad when he told me this at first because I was lazy. But, when my grades started slipping. I quickly went and got help.
2)You Will Have a Lot of Free Time
Since most college freshmen have only 5 classes spread out over a week, there is a lot of free time before, between, and after classes. I remember during my first semester I had a 6 six hour break between classes on Tuesday and Thursdays. I used those days to do laundry and homework. It's best to plan for that time. I know it may seem obvious but I didn't realize the big break I had between classes until I actually started classes and I didn't know what to do with myself.
3) Budget Your Money (& Dining Dollars)
This is really important. It may seem like it is another common sense thing but it is really easy to forget that you need your money for certain things. Especially, if you are in the mall and you see something you really want. :) This happens to be way too much. Which is why I don't like going to stores unless I have money. You have to make sure you have what you need before you get what you want. Also, if your college/ university gives you money on your account that comes with your  meal plan to use at cafes and restaurants on campus (i.e. dining dollars), don't spend them all on smoothies or naked juices in one month. You will want them later.
4) Get a Job
I have always had a job. It was part of my financial aid. But, I do have friends who don't and wish they did or had a hard time finding one. A job will help with the big breaks between classes and it will help add to your resume.
5) There Are Crazy People Out There
When your mother warns you to be careful of strangers and the there are crazy people out there, listen to her! You don't know everyone's mental states, so be careful of who you bring back to your room (or alone with). At my school, I heard a girl getting raped at a party and then the whole campus received an email when a sex offender started attending classes. So, just be careful. Stranger Danger! Not to say that you shouldn't meet knew people and make friends, but be aware.
6) It is Possible To Keep in Touch
A lot of people assume that since you're going away for school, you can't keep your old friends. That's not true. I kept in touch with all of my close friends when I went away. Programs such as Skype, Oovoo, and Facetime makes it easier. The thing is, both sides have to make the effort. I have lost touch with a few friends because they were to busy to talk, hang out, or even text.
7) Dining Hall Food Sucks
No one makes food like your mom. That's a given but dining hall food can be an extreme sometimes. I've actually skipped meals because the food looked questionable or I didn't like it. Solutions for this would be (a) buy food for your room (b) learn to cook (c) order out. I have done the former and the latter. This semester I'm going to try cooking from time to time.
8) Prepare for the Weather
In college, you spend a lot more time outside than you did in high school. Your classes may be in different buildings. So, you're exposed to the elements. Make sure you're prepared for the weather for the day.
9) Buy a Planner and Use It
Organization is key! A planner will help you stay on top of your assignments and due dates.
10) Pack Light
In Dorm rooms space is very limited. Storage containers are very helpful. Bring only what you need.
Okay that's it. Is there anything you wish you knew before you went to college? Was this helpful?
Until Next Time :)