Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Benefit's They're Real Mascara

Assalamu wa Alaykum/ Hi,

I'm finally able to do this review! Lately I've been exploring Benefit. I knew they had some nice things but now that I have experienced some of them I'm obsessed.

So this mascara is my all time favorite. I've recently bought my second bottle. The only thing though is that this is the travel/sample size bottle. I bought it for $10. You can find it either on Benefit's website, Sephora's website, or your local Sephora. They normally have it near the registers. The normal size is $23. Like Lancome's Hypnose Drama, I've been circling this mascara for a while as well.
 Okay so on the left I have no mascara on. On the right I have 'They're Real' mascara on. As you can see the length of my lashes are defined, my lashes are separated nicely, and it gives decent volume.
This what the wand looks like. It's spikey but not uncomfortably so, that it hurts. It get between your lashes very well to separate very nicely.  I like that the top has spikes so that you can use it for your lashes at the corners.

Claims of the Mascara: They're Real! lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won't smudge or dry out. A specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had.
94% saw dramatic length and volume.
90% saw base to tip curl.
94% saw visible lift.
100% saw long wearing results.

That was the mascara claims to do and they can be found on the box that like the one above or online.So, I'll go through this list.

Did I see dramatic length and volume? Yes, I did. For a while before I bought this mascara I was like 'Nah, there's no way.' Until I tried it. Now I am in love. This mascara definitely amplified the length of my lashes. Now I say amplified or maybe enhanced would be a better word because it doesn't try to add on to my lashes like some fiber mascaras do. So, I don't run into that the problem of the mascara not following the natural curl of my lashes.

Did I see base to tip curl? Did I see visible lift? I combined these two questions because the answers are relatively the same. I don't know. Curl and lift are not two concerns I have with lashes. They didn't look anymore curled or lifted than normal.

Did I see long wearing result? Yes, this mascara lasts until I take it off for the day. Unless you forget that you're wearing it and decide to rub your eyes. Then you may get some on your hand and around your eyes. That's because it's not waterproof. I don't believe there is a waterproof version. But, only a small amount comes off. Majority of it stays in place.

This mascara has a glossy finish so it looks more like real eyelashes than most mascaras. The only thing that I dislike is that a little bit too much product gets on the end of the mascara wand and I always have to wipe it off on the edge of the bottle.
So, that's it.
Have you tried this mascara? What did you think?
Until Next Time,