Monday, June 17, 2013

Victoria's Secret Haul

Assalamu wa Alaykum/ Hi,

On Saturday, I had some free time and I decided to go to Soho to do some window shopping. I totally forgot that Victoria's secret is doing their semi-annual sale. I went in because I wanted to get one of their nightshirt but I put that back because one shirt wasn't on sale. You had to buy two to get the shirts for $49. One shirt is $35.

 So, I wandered over to the section with the lotions, perfumes, and makeup and saw this sale that was going on there and started picking up some things. So, I'll share what I bought below.

So, the first thing is a cheek tint.

 I originally went to Soho to the 'Gettin Cheeky' kit from benefit. It is a sample trio of their cheek and lip tints for $17. However, the Sephora in Soho didn't have it in stock. :(  But, I found this gel Cheek tint at Victoria's Secret. I'm looking for a nice coral color and this seemed to come pretty close at first glance. I swatched it below.
 It took a few applications to get the color to show on camera. It's very sheer and is a little pinkish. However, it did look very natural and is build-able.

This lotion is one of my favorites because when I was testing it out in the store it made my hands feel so soft. I love the smell.

I bought  my mother the body spray for this lotion and I love the smell. Its kind of fruity and flowery. It's an illuminating lotion so it has little bits of glitter. It's a bit liquidy though. As soon as I popped open the lid and turned the bottle over the lotion started coming out.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I'm a big fan of anything apple. Apple Snapple, Apple pie. So good. In this lotion you can really smell the apple and it smells so good.

I couldn't really describe the two lotions above. I gave the first to my sister and the second to my mother as gifts. They described them as smelling like flowers. So, they both have their own respective  floral smell. Which is very good.
Now this is something I've never seen before, a body mask. It says to rub it on, peel it off when it dries, and then rinse. When I saw it I was like I have to buy it. The sales associate that was ringing me up told me that it was new. Which is surprising because it was it came out on sale. 
So, that's it for now.
Until Next Time,
Aleema :)