Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome Clarisonic Mia

Assalamu wa Alaykum/ Hi,

I got the Clarisonic Mia. It finally came in the mail yesterday after waiting a week. I love getting packages but sometimes they take too long for me. I got the Mia because it was within my price range. As much as I would like the body brush, which I could only get if I got the Pro, I decided that I could always upgrade at a later date.

 So, this is what the box looks like. On the box it has the claims that the Mia is supposed to fulfill. Which are: Mia gently clears pores without harsh abrasions or chemicals, cleansing so effectively that skin care products absorb better. Results include 6x better cleansing than manual cleansing, reduced appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, and improved skin tone. I've never had to type cleansing so many times at once. We shall see if it does what it claims.

 Inside the box you get a little pamphlet telling how to and not to use the Clarisonic. The Clarisonic, the charger, and a sample of their facial gel cleanser.

 The Mia is very small and light. It fits nicely into the palm of my hand. It's perfect for traveling. Which I will be doing next month inshallah.
 The charger uses a magnet to connect to the Mia.
 The gel cleanser has a nice clean smell. On the back it says it is formulated with willow bark, bearberry, and kiwi that clarifies the skin of congestion and dulling impurities.
 Apparently my Clarisonic Mia came fully charged. In the pamphlet it said to charge it for 24 hours before using. I was kind of bummed out about that because I would have to wait even longer. But when I plugged it in, I saw this. According to the pamphlet, the light is supposed to be flashing when it is charging and is steady when it's fully charged. So, I will do updates as weeks go on to see how this goes.
Until Next Time