Friday, November 1, 2013

Review: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick

Assalamu wa Alaykum/ Hi,

So, a few weeks ago I splurged. I didn't mean to. I walked into Debenhams with a friend and it just sort of happened. lol. If you don't know what Debenhams is, because I didn't until I saw it in the mall when I first got here, it is a department store like Macy's or Saks. I was admiring the YSL counter when I saw the lipsticks.
I have been wanting these lipsticks for a while now. This is the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick. My friend convinced me to finally buy one out of the 3 shades I was considering.

I purchased it the shade 6 Pink in Devotion. Before I talk about the color, I need to touch on the packaging. This tube is gorgeous!It's so pretty to look at. It makes me want to pull it out my bag to reapply in public. But I refrain. Also, you can tell that it's not cheap. The packaging isn't too heavy but it has substance. It's sturdy in your hand. I heard YSL got re-branded, at least the clothing did. So, it's not Yves Saint Laurent just Saint Laurent. That better not come across the to the cosmetics. I love the packaging the way it is and if I find out ahead of time that it's changing I will run and buy every single color I ever wanted from this line.
 I am in love with this color because it is one of the few pinks that actually show up on my lips. Now, it's not the most opaque color and from the different shades I've tried of this lipstick, I don't think the formula is supposed to be opaque. But it still shows. I'll give a swatch on my hand and lips.
Here is the swatch on my hand.

So this is one swipe of the lipstick. I didn't want to waste the product I love it too much.
Here's a swatch of it on my lips.

I clearly have a tan in this picture. Wow.  Compare my hand to my face. Lol. Anyway, I took this picture this passed summer when I got 3 samples of the YSL lipsticks from Sephora. I will most likely review the other two shades later because I wanted to buy those too. But as you can obviously tell you can see my natural lip color through the lipstick. But I like it. You can build up the color to make it more intense if you want. This lipstick is really hydrating. Therefore, it can get a little slippery if you put too much on. I don't know if slippery is the right word...It is.  
I really like the eye makeup and outfit I wore with this lipstick. So, I'll probably do a post Outfit of the Day with a Makeup of the Day post in a couple days. We'll see.
Edited: I forgot to include the price. Oops. So I paid 179 Dirhams. That's about 49 dollars, if you round up. In the US, this lipstick goes for 34 dollars. So, it would have been smarter to wait to buy this in the US. However, I bought it here for sentimental value.
So, That's it.
Until Next Time

Aleema :)