Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review: Smashbox Photo Matte Anti-Shine Primer

Assalamu wa Alaykum/ Hi,

If you have been read a few of my blog posts you may or may not know that my skin is naturally oily. Therefore, I am always looking for new ways to keep it matte. Due to the heat in Dubai, my skin was even oiler. My Urban Decay De-slick setting spray wasn't cutting it anymore. I bought this primer from the Sephora in the Dubai Mall.

The product comes in a squeeze tube which is convenient. It allows you to control how much product you use. You only need a small amount.

Here is the claims of the product as written on the packaging:
This cream gel formula instantly absorbs oil and minimizes the appearances of pores, leaving skin shine free for up to 8 hours. Wear alone, over/under makeup or dab on for touch-ups.

Does this product keep my skin oil free for 8 hours?
No, It didn't last for 8 hours. When I first bought it I was pleasantly surprised that it managed to suppress my oil at all. I will say that I feel that this primer is better at reducing my oil than suppressing it completely. For the first couple of hours I was shine free but after that I noticed my oil coming through just not as much.

Does this product minimizes the appearance of pores?
Not really. If it did, it wasn't noticeable to me.

I've applied this product alone, under, and over makeup, and it performed the same.

I believe that this product costs about 165 Dirhams. I know I got ripped off once again. But, this primer was out of stock in Dubai for about 2 weeks, and when I checked Sephora website it was out of stock online and in stores in the US.

Final Thoughts: I give this product a thumbs up. I think it is better to be used for touch ups though.

So, That's it.
Until Next Time. :)