Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Covergirl Whipped Creme foundation

Assalamu wa Alaykum/ Hi,

I've returned from the Caribbean on Saturday and picked up this foundation on the same day. I saw it in the store and decided to get it. So, it looks like this:

 I got the shade 365. Which is the last shade that is offered out of 10 shades.

The consistency is thick and isn't runny at all. I've tried applying the foundation with my fingers at first but it wasn't blending nicely. So, I had to use my optical blurring brush from Urban Decay.This is my face before I applied the foundation. I have breakout on my chin and my cheeks. I also have bags under my eyes.

I applied two layers of the foundation. That's a layer more than I usually wear. I don't like to pack on too much of my makeup. My face was matte right after I applied it. I didn't wear a primer, powder, or 
finishing spray this time. I took the picture below around 12 in the afternoon.

My face is normally on the oily side. My face got oily pretty quickly with this foundation on.
This after a few hours. I believe it was around 5/6 o'clock. I'm just oily everywhere. My T-zone, my cheeks, just everywhere. Lets look at the claims on the foundation, shall we?

Our lightweight whipped crème foundation gives your skin a boost of moisture without the greasy, shiny finish. You’ll love the dreamy, 100% breathable formula that leaves your skin looking smooth, natural, and matte. Available in 10 shades to match your skin tone.

Then it also says:
  • Lightweight, air-whipped formula instantly hydrates
  • 100% smooth, natural look
  • Won’t dry skin or clog pores

  • I do feel that the foundation was moisturizing. My skin didn't feel dry after I applied it. As for it being matte, it was matte when I first applied it. After that is a different story. I did end up blotting after I took the last picture because the oil was just becoming too much.
  • I do believe that the color matched me pretty well. It probably wasn't an exact match but pretty close. In the store I was stuck between 360 which is classic tan and 365 tawny. 
  • I don't feel that this foundation covered much of anything. It has a light to medium coverage and it cannot be built to medium to full coverage.
  • So, I'll most likely be returning this foundation. I bought at Rite Aid for over $8 and I know there a people who got it for $6. I already returned it actually.
  • I know many people compare this foundation of the Revlon whipped foundation. I haven't tried that foundation yet because I could never find my color until a couple days ago in Target. I didn't buy it but I will go back for it.
  • P.S. I'm looking for an Eid outfit. I haven't had any luck with any stores in my area. If you know of any in the U.S., more preferably the in the NYC area please let me know.
  • P.S.S. I have uploaded my first vlog of my trip in the Caribbean on YouTube. Here is the link:
  • So, please watch, like, and comment.
  • Until Next Time
  • Aleema :)