Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: MAC Lipstick in Rebel

Assalamu wa Alaykum/ Hi,

I've seen this lipstick around on YouTube before but lately it just really caught my eye. I was like 'I need that in my life.' So, I bought it and now I'm reviewing it for you guys.

So above is a picture of the lipstick along with a couple of swatches. On the upper right is a picture of the swatch with the flash on and one the bottom right is a picture without the swatch. This lipstick is the perfect fall color. Although I can't experience fall here in Dubai I'm definitely feeling the spirit. It looks darker in the tube than it does swatched. Well, in person it looks darker in the tube. The flash in that picture on the left kind of lightened the color. It's a beautiful berry color.

This lipstick is a satin. So, it's a bit more moisturizing than a matte like my Lady Danger lipstick but it stays on for quite a while. It also has a slight sheen to it. This lip stick stains your lips. I like that because I find that reapplying lip products can be really bothersome at times. Usually I'm too lazy to do it. I bought this lipstick at the MAC counter in Dubai Mall for 100 AED. That's around 27 dollars. My impatience has caused me to get ripped off once again. These retail in the US for 15 dollars.

Above is a picture of the lipstick about a hour after I applied it. I couldn't take a picture as soon as I applied it because I was running late. I wasn't wearing a lip liner with this but I think I'll definitely look for one when I get back to NY. I can just imagine the looks I would be able to create with this lipstick if I paired it with different lip liners. I think the lipstick goes well with my skin tone. In fact I think anyone with any skin tone could definitely wear this lipstick!

So, if you couldn't already tell I love this lipstick. It has definitely become a new favorite of mine. If you're considering buying it you should definitely go for it!

So, That's it.
Until Next Time,

Aleema :)