Monday, May 19, 2014

Review: Too Faced's Chocolate bar Palette

Assalamu wa Alaykum/ Hi,

Happy summer for those that are in done with classes and Happy almost summer for those still in school! So, unfortunately for my wallet I did end up buying the Chocolate Bar palette. This is my first Too Faced purchase. I got it 20% off at The sale is most likely over but I have heard of people getting it at a discount from I was going to do that but it was sold out on their website for like two weeks as soon as I got paid. So keep a look out for when it comes back in stock. I paid a little over $42 because of tax which I was kind of miffed about. I was miffed because they wouldn't charge me tax if I didn't have  the discount. Without tax the palette was $39.

 The box looks like an actual chocolate bar box which I thought was really cute. 
So apparently they made the actual palette thinner.
The palette has a magnetic closure which could be stronger. I would probably secure it with a rubber band if I took it traveling.
 I'm going to admit that looking at this palette makes me crave chocolate.
The names of the shadows are printed on a plastic sheet instead of being printed below the shadows. It's kind of annoying. However you don't need to know the name of the colors to use them. Sorry for the glare. It couldn't be helped.
 I love the color arrangement. The palette is so versatile. At first glance you may be like there's a lot of brown. That doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Especially for me. Since this palette has matte browns and I mostly have shimmer it works for me. It's also smart that they made the two browbone shades the biggest.
It comes with a guide for 3 different eyeshadow looks. I haven't tried them yet.
 The swatches are from left to right starting from the top row. These shadows don't swatch the best but apply very nicely.  I was curious if the browns would show up on my skin when I first saw this palette and they do.

Although some of the swatches look similar in the photos they're all different. My favorite is Gilded Ganache. It's such an unusual color. It's a dark brown with a gold shimmer which doesn't sound special. But, sometimes it flashes a green color. I've only used this palette once and it lasted all day with no creasing.

I'm quite pleased with this palette. Even though I wasn't interested at first I'm glad this palette stalked my life. 

So, if you thinking of getting this palette, you definitely should.

Until Next Time
Aleema :)