Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Makeup Must haves!

Assalamu wa Alaykum/ Hi,

Since we're fully in the season of Fall, I thought that I would share my fall makeup essentials.

1. Rose Gold

For some reason rose gold seems especially relevant in the fall to me. So, this is the month that I pull out anything and everything rose gold. In the picture above I have my beloved Naked 3 palette and my BECCA rose gold highlighter.

2. Bold Lips

This one is a fall universal for everybody. Dark lips in the fall are more than appropriate they're almost a requirement. So, my picks are MAC's 'Rebel',Cailyn lipgloss, Maybelline's 'Divine Wine' and Plum lip gloss

3. Mauve lips

This a newer trend. I told myself I wouldn't talk about the Kylie Jenner lip trend, but here I am talking about it. Everyone wants the dark rose lip color. A suggestion from me would be Maybelline's 'Touch of Spice.'

4. Dark Eyes

Fall is the season of intense color. We see it in nature and we also reflect it in our makeup. Two of my picks for this are Colourpop Cosmetics eyeshadows in Bae and Shameless

5. Bold Cheeks

Just like every other part of the face, cheeks can be bold during the Fall. One blush that I particularly like that may be considered unusual is NARS' blush 'Taj Mahal.'

So, That's it.What are your fall essentials?

Until Next Time,

Aleema :)